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At Canada Drug Rehab we are aware that simply finding your self in need of the services we provide can be traumatizing, embarrassing and a down right negative experience. You have our guarantee that you will be treated with respect and dignity at all times, when you pick up the phone and call one of our counsellors. If you would just like to see a list of resources to assist you in finding solutions to an addiction problem that's okay too. We are here to help however we can. Below you will find a collection of links prepared by our counsellors. These are links to facilities that either offer no cost drug and alcohol rehabilitation such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Salvation Army, or other charity based programs. You will also find links to drug addiction information web pages - we hope you find them helpful.


To learn about all the addiction treatments available to you call 1-800-419-7941


Canada Drug Rehab Links

Anger Management Canada
Anger Resource Management Inc. is located in Mississauga Ontario and was created with you in mind. We are a learning facility for individuals who struggle with effectively expressing healthy anger.

Alcoholics Anonymous Canada
Listing of AA chapters is Canada.

Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 33,500 weekly meetings in over 116 countries worldwide.

The Recovery Zone
If you're new to recovery from alcoholism, gambling addiction, eating disorders, dual diagnosis or any addiction, welcome - you are not alone.

Crystal Meth Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth. There are no dues or fees for membership.

Canadian Center On Substance Abuse
The Canadian Center on Substance Abuse (CCSA) has a legislated mandate to provide national leadership and evidence-informed analysis and advice to mobilize collaborative efforts to reduce alcohol- and other drug-related harms.

Canadian Substance Abuse Resources
CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information.


Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Canada.


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