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British Columbia Drug Rehab Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment B.C.

Drug abuse and addiction in British Columbia are chronic problems often associated with persistent criminal behaviour, violence, family discord and health problems. Without proper addiction treatment, the rate of criminal recidivism is typically very high. "The objective is to enhance public safety. People who commit crimes as a result of their addiction will be getting much needed treatment," said Minister Coleman.
British Columbia is providing $1.7 million for treatment, as well as funding court operations, case managers and legal aid.


In Canada studies have been conducted by CCSA, The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, which relay the following rather alarming facts regarding addiction to drugs or alcohol. Approximately 148,000 or 5% of British Columbians are binge drinkers, who regularly consume a largel amount of alcohol and are dependent on alcohol. The same studies indicate that 1% or approximately 40,000 British Columbians are dependent on illicit drugs. British Columbia is a province which has taken an aggressive stance with regards to its citizens’ drug and alcohol addiction. As a result the following types of treatment are available in British Columbia’s 271 various rehab facilities: detoxification, drug rehab, long term residential, short term residential, out patient, and day programs. In British Columbia an addict in need of immediate help with an addiction can be admitted to a local area “detox” facility with as little as a one or two day waiting period.

To learn if other drug or alcohol rehabilitation options are right for you call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation British Columbia

By 1998, there were an estimated 11,700 injection drug users in Greater Vancouver, with a large percentage living on the streets or in temporary housing in a few square blocks in the Downtown Eastside. According to a 2000 report by the City of Vancouver, the total number of overdose deaths in British Columbia had risen from 39 in 1988, to 331 in 1993. Since then, an average of 147 illicit overdose deaths have occurred per year in the city of Vancouver alone.

If one were in need of long-term rehabilitation he/she could be admitted to a halfway house or Salvation Army program in as little as one to two weeks but these are not rehabilitation programs. Rather, they are sober living environments that have certain requirements: their occupants must be sober and attend alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous meetings and undergo other types of ongoing therapy as well as seek out employment. It is a reintegration program rather than a rehabilitative program in a controlled environment.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment B.C.

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in B.C. This is a fact stimulated by the privatization of the liquor distribution where by more and more corner stores are able to acquire a licence to distribute alcohol thereby making alcohol that much closer to 100% available all the time. the resources available to alcoholics in alberta are are constantly being used up by the growing hard drug problem and there is no real distinction between the the addictions and they are both handel ed in very nearly the same way and the severely alcoholic and homeless are aided almost exclusively by good will organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Salvation Army. even though what they need is highly trained and acute therapy for their addictions, those services simply are not available through government sponsorship. call today to learn about other options.


British Columbia Intervention Services

Intervention is a precise action taken by the loved ones of an addict in an effort stop the destructive course of the addict’s life by pressuring the addict to make the decision to improve his or her own life. An intervention’s only purpose is to have an addict arrive safely at a Substance Abuse Facility and begin recovery. Intervention is a popular approach to addiction these days especially since the arrival of the A&E television series Intervention. Intervention is an action taken by the loved ones of an addict in an effort change the course of the addict’s life. In B.C. there is a growing need and availability for this type of service as the drugs consumed become more addictive so does the need for well trained professionals to help tear an addict away from those drugs. If you require advice on intervention or you wish to have more information on retaining an intervention team in British Columba, please call Canada Rehab today.

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