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New Brunswick Drug Rehabilitation New Brunswick Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

New Brunswick is a province which has not taken an exceptionally aggressive stance with regards to its citizens’ drug and alcohol addiction; however, some degree of treatment such as detoxification, drug rehab, long term residential, short term residential, out patient, and day programs are available in New Brunswick’s 20 various rehab facilities. If you require immediate assistance to locate a treatment facility or over the phone advice in dealing with an addict and the care available in New Brunswick please call us immediately at 1-800-419-7941.


There are approximately 20,000 New Brunswickers in need of detoxification, intervention, and drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs, followed by a program of ongoing after care. There are a total of 6 Detox facilities and an additional 13 residential facilities, each of which can accommodate approximately 40 addicts, bringing the total number of available Government-funded beds to approximately 520, to serve the 20,000 that need treatment. Of the 20 facilities located in New Brunswick 15 are out patient programs that offer very little support to alcoholics and addicts. There is scarcely enough treatment to make a serious dent in the current addiction problem plaguing this province.

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Drug Rehabilitation New Brunswick

Although the Atlantic Provinces are very appealing for tourism, they are, nonetheless, rife with corrupted drugs and alcohol networks. Alcohol comes in first place in terms of addiction, followed by cannabis, cocaine, and other miscellaneous drugs. Intravenous drugs, such as heroin, are present too, but we see it more rarely (about 1% of the Canadian population uses this method.) Since there are multiple addictions, there are also various types of drug rehabilitation centers, working with their own personal drug treatment method. Making the decision to go into drug rehab is the best gift you can offer yourself or a loved one! However, choosing the appropriate drug treatment center is not an easy task; there are so many different drug and alcohol rehabs, different drug treatment programs and philosophies! It can get very confusing at some point. For this reason, when you are looking for the right drug rehab center, make sure that it does not only take care of the emotional and psychological aspects of the addiction, but also that the drug treatment center you choose addresses the physical aspect too. In a drug treatment center that uses a biophysical drug rehabilitation approach, all the three parts of the drug addiction cycle are addressed.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment New Brunswick

New Brunswick's drug problem is with opiates-based drugs as it borders on Maine in the United States. In fact, the whole New England area suffers from opiates abuse. Self-help groups are the most commonly sought source of help for drug or alcohol related problems. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), one of the most commonly known self-help groups, outlines 12 consecutive activities, or steps, that alcoholics should achieve during the recovery process. Alcoholics can become involved with AA before entering professional treatment, as a part of it, or as aftercare following professional treatment. The beneficial effects of AA may be attributable in part to the replacement of the participant's social network of drinking friends with a fellowship of AA members who can provide motivation and support for maintaining abstinence. In addition, AA's approach often results in the development of coping skills, many of which are similar to those taught in more structured psychosocial treatment settings.


New Brunswick Intervention Services

A drug abuser usually does not know he is out of control. He looks at his drug-using peers and his own use appears normal in comparison. He needs objective feedback on his behavior. Drug or alcohol abuse intervention is a process that helps an abuser recognize the extent of his problem. Through a non-judgmental, non-critical, systematic process, the drug addict is confronted with the impact of his alcohol or drug use on others. The goal of drug abuse intervention is for him to accept the reality of his drug abuse and to seek help. If you need help finding an intervention service in New Brunswick please call CanadaRehab today! 1-800-419-7941

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