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Nova Scotia does not have a particularly aggressive plan in place to provide addiction treatment. With a high number of people addicted to opiates in the province there are a high number of detox facilities; however that is where the system tends to break down. People can receive detox which helps them to get sober but it doesn't address the more important issue of how to live again. So, the detox facilities become a revolving door as there is little or no quality government funded residential addiction treatment available.


There are approximately 35,000 Nova Scotians in need of detoxification, intervention, and drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs, coupled with ongoing after care. There are a total of six detox facilities and an additional seven residential facilities, two of which are focused towards Aboriginal peoples and have a small number of beds available. Another two are privately funded and therefore have a large out-of-pocket commitment. The one long term facility can accommodate only 12 clients at a time. Salvation Army has a facility which provides emergency housing and treatment to addicts but it tends to have a transient population. The last facility is a three week center; however evidence tends to indicate that short term rehabilitation is much less successful than longer tern recovery programs.

To learn if other drug or alcohol rehabilitation options are right for you call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation Nova Scotia

If you are looking for more information regarding the substance abuse treatment available in Nova Scotia or available to residents of Nova Scotia please feel free to contact our counselors to discuss your options in detail..

Alcare Place in Halifax
-Long term residential addiction treatment for up to 12 male clients at a time.
Addictions Services in Sydney
-Withdrawal management in a hospital inpatient environment.
Crosbie House Society in New Minas
-Private residential addiction treatment center which charges a significant out of pocket fee.
Freedom Foundation of Nova Scotia Dartmouth
- Withdrawal management facility which offers assessment and treatment planning.
IWK Health Centre in Halifax
-Mental Health and Addictions Program, for adolescents this is a voluntary enrollment program.
Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre in Halifax
-Mainline Needle Exchange which is intended to help people use safely rather than recover.
Mi'kmaw Lodge Treatment Centre in Eskasoni
-treatment center for fifteen aboriginal clients over a 35-day treatment cycle.
N A D A C A Eagle's Nest Recovery House in Shubenacadie
- seven beds available for a five week residential program for aboriginal people.
Annapolis Valley Health Addiction Services Corporate Office in Kentville
-3 week residential therapy called Making Changes plus a hospital based detox.
Capital Health Addiction Services in Dartmouth
-Withdrawal Management and some out patient services available at this location.
Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority Addiction Services in Antigonish NS
-Withdrawal management services in a hospital setting plus community out patient counseling.
South Shore Health Addiction Services in Bridgewater
-Detox in a residential hospital setting.
South West Health Addiction Services in Yarmouth
-Withdrawal management in a hospital setting some day and evening classes offered.
Recovery House Addiction Treatment Centre in Antigonish
-Paid out of Pocket 28 day addiction treatment center
Salvation Army Halifax Centre of Hope in Halifax
-Charity based recovery home / shelter for those in need of immediate assistance.
Talbot House in Frenchvale
-long term residential treatment center *permanently closed due to a Lack of Funding*


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nova Scotia

In Canada studies have been conducted by CCSA, The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, which relay the following rather alarming facts regarding addiction to drugs or alcohol. Approximately 30,000 or 3.2% of Nova Scotians are binge drinkers who regularly consume a harmful amount of alcohol and are dependent on alcohol. The same studies indicate that 0.6% or 5,500 Nova Scotians are dependent on illicit drugs. Drug treatment facilities that are effective with treating alcoholics can fail a hard drug user; the reverse is also true. When choosing a Drug Rehab Program we take into account all the information provided by you. Most of the time a phone consultation is needed to assess the level of addiction and to match your needs with the appropriate drug rehab center.


Nova Scotia Intervention Services

Intervention should not be taken lightly as the process is a very powerful tool for helping a loved one to overcome denial and gain the ability to see his or her addiction for the unmanageable situation it has become. The process will help a loved one to take responsibility for his or her life if the rules are followed. Please call today to learn the rules and set up an intervention.

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Canada.


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