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Drug rehab services Our Services - Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Canada Drug Rehab provides a no cost referral service to drug addiction treatment facilities, alcohol detox centers, rehabilitation facilities and long term or short term residential rehabilitation. Our goal is to educate our clients on the various platforms of rehab available to drug addicts and alcoholics. Education of family members and loved ones of the alcoholics and addicts is important so that they may be afforded the opportunity to become part of recovery from addictions to Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Meth, and other drugs.


10 Steps to Successful - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery


1. Being Heard :

We are a friendly ear and a shoulder to lean on in the difficult time you’re going through. The first step is allowing you to vent your frustrations and voice your opinions thereby bringing our counselors up to speed on the current problems being faced from your unique perspective.

2. Understanding your situation :

We learn the type of addiction you’re dealing with, what your family circumstances are, where you live, what you’re looking for and what you can afford.By gaining a full understanding of the problems being faced and the extent of the addiction we are able to go over the options available to you. as well we are able to begin to understand what type of facility may be help full.

3. Education :

Often times the Family members have many incorrect beliefs about the addiction and the addict’s motives. We provide factual information on the nature of the addiction, the health risks, and the options. it is our belief that the only way a family member can become an effective tool in a loved ones recovery is by attaining a good understanding of addiction and the treatment options.

4. thinking clearly under pressure :

Most often the addict seeks help at a time of crisis. In those moments, people often aren't thinking clearly and it’s hard to know what to do next. At the crucial moment when an addict becomes ready for help one of our Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors will be thinking clearly and ready to help. Our expertise can make the difference between an addict getting the treatment they need or not.

5. Having Hope :

During a crisis, it is likely that the problem seems insurmountable. We have successfully navigated addiction time and time again and we know that even the most seemingly impossible situation can be overcome. so long as people retain a positive outlook and continue to pressure positive outcome.

6. Counseling :

We deal with the psychological side of addiction as well as the physical side. We counsel you on how to be a calm, loving and supporting family member, remembering that the end goal is to get the addict into treatment. and where we are dealing directly with the addict our goal is to have them become positive about treatment and realize that there are workable options available to them.

7. Intervention :

We will arrange an intervention if you request it, by facilitating family discussion in order to arrive at a harmonious solution or coaching family members on the "dos and don'ts" of family intervention. as well we work with some of the most renowned and successfully intervention firms in the world today if it is necessary an intervention team can be deployed to assist the family in the successful offer of treatment for addiction.

8. Locating a Successful Recovery Center :

Our team has vast knowledge of the whole array of treatment options, facilities, costs, application procedures and success rates of various types of treatment.we have developed contacts from every commonly used platform of recovery including, 12 step, Behavior Modification, Religious, and Bio-Physical drug treatments.

9. The Logistics

Once you have chosen the platform of rehabilitation you feel will have the highest possibility for success, we will assist you, setting up a contact with the rehab facility of your choosing, confirming availability, ensuring that your needs are met and that you are satisfied with every interaction.

10. Follow Up.

Once the addict has entered treatment, we follow up with you to be sure that the addict is fine and that the treatment is satisfactory. We will try to gage weather or not there is a need for family counseling so the addict does not return to the same environment after treatment this ensures that the needs of the family don't get overlooked.That’s how we stay knowledgeable in our field.

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Canada.


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