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Canada Drug Rehab Success Stories

Success Stories

Dear Canada Rehab, I just wanted to call and thank you for all your help and to let you know my sister Sam made it to the center outside Calgary I am writing to inform you that Sam reports the facility is absolutely breathtaking and she is really excited to be there she then broke down and thanked us for helping her to change her life's path.This is the first time I feel I have spoken to my sister in year sand not just some heartless drug addicted robot. I am really pleased with your advice on how to conduct the intervention and I am really excited at her potential for a good life.

H.G. (Relieved Sister)



M.J. (EX- Crystal Meth Addict)

Hello Fraser, This is M. J. You had talked to my parents some months ago. They informed me of all the work you did to teach them how get through to me. They explained to me that you basically taught them how to stop enabling me. You wouldn’t believe the change in my home life–my parents both took your advice and started attending al-a-non and they are totally changed and our family doesn't feel so disfunctional anymore. They actually have boundaries and they don’t let me walk on them. I’m proud of the change they have made so my life isn’t the same as it was before my treatment. It’s clear to me that I owe you so much more than a thank you but it’s a start so Thank you!

S.A. (Crack Addiction Ended 2005)

Canada Rehab, I want to personally thank you for your helping my family to find a quality rehab center for me. It’s been six months now since I finished my treatment and my life couldn’t be going better if I’d had a year to plan it. My relationship with my family is unlike anything I’ve ever known, “it’s like I’m living someone else’s life” some one who loves and respects their family and gets the same in return. I know it was me and the facility here in Huntingdon responsible for the change, but without you guys none of it would be possible so for that I can’t thank you enough.

E.C. (Opiate Addiction Ended 2004)

Hey Guys, its Erik, I’ve paid my respects to everyone in my life who helped me when I needed it and the more I think of it I need to thank you guys as well because Canada Rehab was the main reason for my recovery. Since completing the rehab program in Port Moody I’ve been able to return to my home in Edmonton and I’ve got my boys, Tim and Scotty. back in my life. So here’s a special thank you. Your organization really went above and beyond the call of duty to locate a program with Provincial funding assistance that worked. You guys are great, thank you.

K.S. (Successfully Recovered)

Canada Rehab we never spoke but you helped my parents to locate a rehab about 8 months ago for me. As I understand it spent several days screening rehabilitation facilities so my parents could present them to me. Truthfully at the time I thought I could just keep refusing them and eventually mom and dad would back off but they didn’t and I now understand that’s because you guys wouldn’t back off and wouldn’t let my parents accept no for an answer from me. When you guys finally presented my parents with the “Bio- Physical” treatment center all the way out in Montreal I knew in my heart that it was going to work for me and what a program it was. I’ve never had the quality of life I’m experiencing today. I’ve managed to make my life in Montreal. My hat is off to you guys “you saved my life, no, even better, you gave me one that I never had”.

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